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Dirty Concrete Pavers

Surface Type: Concrete Pavers | Product Used: Alkaline Cleaner and Premium Impregnating Sealer | Completed: 2014

Applicator: Australia Blue | Ph: 0414 858 185 | E:

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Johrina from Australia Blue has had extensive experience over the years with cleaning and sealing porous surfaces. On this particular project, there were 200sqm (2000 sq. ft.) of concrete pavers that required sealing but more attention was needed on this particular 30sqm (300 sq. ft.) area. The area needed heavy duty cleaning. Because it was next to a bush, the tannin from falling leaves stained the pavers. The surface has also accumulated dirt and grime over time. Johrina had to be very careful on what chemicals she were to use as the pavers were installed at least 8 years ago and there were signs of aggregate being exposed. Harsh chemicals were not an option.

It was also important that the sealer did not change the look of the material.



  • Permanent premium protection
  • Superior water and oil-based stain protection
  • To make the surface easier to maintain
  • Does not change the look of the surface
  • Does not change the slip resistance of the surface



For cleaning, harsh chemicals were not an option, as it would damage the already-thin surface of the concrete pavers. It is also important to avoid acidic cleaners. Johrina used our outdoor surface shampoo, STAIN-PROOF Alkaline Cleaner, formerly known as Oxy-Klenza™, to get the job done. Alkaline Cleaner is an oxygen-based outdoor surface cleaner that cleans stains caused by moss, mold, oils, food and general grime. This alkaline cleaner is suitable for removing leaf marks as well. For more stubborn stains, Alkaline Cleaner can be used as a poultice.

For sealing Johrina used STAIN-PROOF Premium Impregnating Sealer, formerly known as STAIN-PROOF™ Original, as she was confident it would fulfil the special requirements. Premium Impregnating Sealer will repel water and oil, preventing the surface from water and oil-based staining as well as prevent damage caused by water. Because the surface does not stain, it becomes easier to maintain. Premium Impregnating Sealer does not change the look or the slip resistance of the surface.

The job was satisfactory and now the owners are able to keep the surface clean without too much trouble. 

About leaf marks

While Premium Impregnating Sealer repels water and oil-based stains leaf marks can be a tricky matter. Some leaves have sap or gum that can be classified more as a solvent rather than oil, therefore it will still get absorbed by the surface as the sealer does not repel solvents. The good news is, the sealer will still slow down the staining process and minimize how deep the stains go, allowing it to be cleaned up easier.

The other thing to be mindful about is the acidity of some leaf tannins. This substance can leave etch marks on acid-sensitive materials. It is important to know that impregnating sealers do not prevent acid etching.  

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