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Bluestone Grout Haze

Surface Type: Bluestone | Products Used: Acidic Cleaner and Color Enhancing Sealer | Completed: June 2016

Applicator: Australia Blue | Website: | Email:

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When grouting, there’s always going to be the risk of grout hazing. That’s when your surface is covered in white powdery film created by residual grout that has cured. Unfortunately for a homeowner in the Clayfield suburb of Queensland, their beautifully laid walkway and patio suffered from grout haze. They called Johrina from Australia Blue to rectify this problem, as well as to treat their bluestone with color enhancement and protection.



  • Cleaner needed to be strong enough to remove mineral residue such as grout haze
  • Powerful acid without the noxious fumes


  • Provides deep color enhancement
  • Premium water and oil repellence
  • Does not change the slip resistance of the surface


Grout haze can be remedied by using something acidic. A lot of people will turn to muriatic acid (HCl) which produces a lot of noxious fume and will burn your skin on contact.

STAIN-PROOF Acidic Cleaner, formerly known as EFF-ERAYZA™, has the power of muriatic acid, but it is safer to use. It does not produce toxic fumes, and temporary contact does not burn skin (however, it is recommended to rinse as soon as possible after contact with skin).

With the help of Acidic Cleaner, and together with a scrubbing machine and a high-pressure washer, Johrina was able to remove the grout haze.

The client liked the deep color of the bluestone when it was wet as it was richer and darker. Because of that, they wanted a sealer that could enhance the color by giving the stone that wet look, while maintaining the slip resistance it has when dry.

Johrina recommended STAIN-PROOF Color Enhancing Sealer, formerly known as INTENSIFIA™, and the client was on board. Color Enhancing Sealer is the ultimate combination of enhancer and sealer for natural stone, masonry, and other hard porous materials. It provides deep color enhancement and penetrating oil and water repellence for superior stain protection. Unlike topical sealers and coatings, this impregnating sealer does not flake, yellow, or peel. The surface also retains its slip resistance, making it ideal for sealing footpaths and walkways.

Color Enhancing Sealer comes with a 5 year Performance Warranty if applied by an Accredited applicator.

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