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Beverly Hills 9/11 Memorial Garden

Surface: Granite, Basalt | Product Used: Premium Impregnating Sealer |  Completed: November 2011

Applicator: Amalfi Stone & Masonry

vn88 mxLiên kết đăng nhập vn88 mxLiên kết đăng nhập

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vn88 mxLiên kết đăng nhậpTHE PROJECT:

The tragic events that took place in America on September 11, 2001, make it a day we shall never forget. This Beverly Hills 9/11 Memorial Garden honours all those who were lost that day, and those devoted to keeping America safe. With input and support from Beverly Hills fire-fighters, police officers, elected officials and city staff, hundreds of hours of work by dedicated volunteers and generous donations from the community, the dream of a memorial garden is now a reality.The garden is open to the public on a daily basis and provides a sanctuary for those who wish to sit, contemplate and remember.

In addition to the imposing Twin Towers floor beam erected at the centre of the site, various vignettes have been incorporated to represent the locations of the three plane crash sites – the World Trade Centre, the Pentagon and the field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. The memorial was privately funded and all the construction and design work was donated. The memorial was designed by Jim Ply of Oak Crest Landscape and Gidas Peteris of Peteris Architects Inc. The general contractor was Peter McCoy Construction.



The garden is an artistic marriage of granite and basalt, with a series of walkways leading to the memorial site, surrounded by benches and beautiful landscaping. “Our goal from the start of the design was to find balance, harmony, flow, and most importantly be respectful of the events of 9/11,” commented Jim Ply. A landmark of this significance is prone to attracting a great amount of constant traffic, not to mention the regular cleaning that would be required. Some special requirements for the sealer were:
  • Super oil and water repellency for superior stain protection. 
  • Longevity – so regular costly and disruptive re-application is not required. 
  • Retain look and finish on the surface for presentation to the public. 
  • Ensure the slip resistance of the already smooth surfaces would not be further compromised. 
  • UV resistance, as the monument is exposed to sunlight for many hours a day. 
  • Sealed surfaces should be easier to maintain and clean – withstanding commercial alkaline cleaning chemicals and pressure washing. 




The Beverly Hills 9/11 Memorial Committee approved STAIN-PROOF Premium Impregnating Sealer, formerly known as STAIN-PROOF Original™, as it met their specific requirements. The sealing molecules in Premium Impregnating Sealer are hundreds of times smaller than those in other penetrating sealers, and penetrate much deeper into the pore system of the stone. The reactive molecules also form a permanent chemical bond inside the material, creating a deep oil and water repellent barrier, without changing the look and texture. The deep water and oil repellent barrier, not only provides stain protection, but keeps water and water borne salts well away from the visible surfaces, protecting against unsightly efflorescence (and freeze/thaw spalling in cold environments).

Because Premium Impregnating Sealer works from inside the pores of the material, there is negligible effect to slip resistance, and the sealer is not removed with normal traffic and cleaning, making ongoing
maintenance easier, quicker and cheaper. The sealer's long term protection will help to ensure this beautiful and historic landmark will be preserved for many years so that generations to come will be able to share the experience. Premium Impregnating Sealer comes with a written 15 year performance warranty when applied by a STAIN-PROOF Accredited Applicator.

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